I get sick of crying all the time.

I lied, I’m not okay and I really wish I could turn back time.

Flashbacks. Oh boy.

And I still get so nervous whenever I hear his voice.

Getting a passport and learning a language. I notice I’m getting old, I used to pick up languages so easily and now it’s a nightmare.

Ugh.. fucking anxiety..

Knowing the fact he’s the one only makes things worse.

I need help.

This does not feels okay. Not at all.

Walking, your voice on the background, suicide on my mind.

I should do less things I’ll end up regretting later.

Things feel so strange. I want it back like it used to be.

I don’t know what’s going on anymore.


Never good enough. Never pretty enough. Never smart enough. Never skinny enough.

I would kill for a change. Hurt me all over again.